Volunteer Opportunities!

We are planning for the 2018-2019 school year. Following are the officer and liaison openings on SEPAC.  It’s a great way to get to know the administration, teachers and staff in SPS . Get board experience and learn about Open Meeting Law! Please consider the following open positions. You can find the nomination form here. Contact us at sudburysepac@gmail.com to learn more.

Board Positions:

  • Vice Chair:  Participate at all meetings of Sudbury SEPAC and assist the Chair as requested.
  • Secretary: Draft general meeting minutes, record vote results and draft newsletters.
  • Treasurer: Coordinate efforts to apply for grants, donations, reimbursements or any other funds for which Sudbury SEPAC is eligible.
  • Events Coordinator: Lead event planning, attend events and introduce speaker.
  • Membership Coordinator: Lead efforts to encourage parents to get more involved in Sudbury SEPAC, encourage networking, and recruit parents from all schools, programs and out-of-district placements to become members.

Liaison Positions:

  • School Liaison (open positions include Haynes, Loring and Noyes): Stay involved with the PTO, identify and pursue ways to collaborate, and serve as the first line of contact for questions and concerns.
  • Neighboring SEPACs Liaison: Stay involved with SEPACs in neighboring towns, research and report on best practices we can learn from them, and identify and pursue ways to collaborate.


The Sudbury Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Sudbury SEPAC) is a positive and solution-oriented parent advisory council. We work collaboratively with school and district officials to improve special education in Sudbury.  We also act as a resource and advisor to parents and educators of children with disabilities in the Sudbury PreK-8 Public Schools.

The Massachusetts Special Education Regulations require that each Massachusetts school district establish a volunteer parent advisory council (like the Sudbury SEPAC) to advise the district on matters that pertain to special education and the safety of students with disabilities. Membership is free and open to all individuals interested in special education in Sudbury.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Guidance for Special Education Parent Advisory Councils is a good overview of why SEPACs are important.

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